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Webinar Recap: 3 Proven Strategies to Triple Your Internet Close Rate

The business development center, or BDC, has been the subject of heated debate, inspiring headlines like, “Dealerships Are Dead Without a BDC” and “Death to the BDC.” Whether people are for or against BDCs, they all seem to agree on this: manage your lead process the right way and you’ll earn significant returns.

How significant? Haley Toyota in Roanoke, Virginia, increased their close rate for internet leads to 74% by combining the right strategy with ecommerce. That’s more than triple the typical 7-15%. Check out our webinar with Automotive News to learn 3 proven strategies to increase your internet close rate, with or without a BDC.

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You'll learn:

  • The 3 strategies dealers are using to increase internet close rate to 74%

  • How to train your BDC or Internet Sales team to start scoring goals, instead of just assisting

  • How to formulate a game plan to deliver a VIP experience and accelerate the sale

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