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Building the future of auto sales

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The Auto Dealer's 5 Step Guide to Making $ with Ecommerce (Part 1)

As the move online becomes inevitable for car dealerships, having a sound ecommerce strategy and proper mechanisms to execute on it is critical. It all starts with your website and the content you provide. In this blog posts we’ll focus on how you can use pricing and design to improve conversions.

  1. Name Your Actual Price

The great things about adding ecommerce to your site is that it catches all buyers that view your website. The first thing a buyer is going to look at after deciding on a vehicle or category of vehicles is price. Give them what they want; real prices and relevant details.

If you have MAP pricing issues, simply ask the prospective buyer for some lead info and then automatically reveal the new price. What matters I your ability to establish trust with the buyer and easily communicate value. With an online buying solution in place this is as easy as turning a key 

  1. Streamline Your Site

Every little detail can affect your sales numbers, from interface to language on your CTA’s. Customers need to feel comfortable looking at every page of your site and understand the purpose of each page. Get rid of cheesy and unnecessary pop-ups and “fluffs”. Make the pages easy to understand and drive the customer’s attention to the information they seek. Every second they’re trying to figure out what something means is a second they ‘re not using to evaluate a purchase. 

Studies show that 80% of web users to decide whether to close a page in 4 seconds or less. Make sure they stay on yours! Part 2 of this bog post will publoish next week. Sign up for our newsletter and get notified!

Want to learn more about how you can turn your website into a cash register for your dealership? Download your free user guide here: 

The Auto Dealer's Guide to Ecommerce Success

The Auto Dealer's 5 Step Guide to Making $ with Ecommerce (Part 2)

About Author

Rune Hauge
Rune Hauge

Rune Hauge is the Head of Growth at Drive Motors. He is experienced in ecommerce and digital media and is excited to share his expertise with dealerships to improve the car buying experience.