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Building the future of auto sales

Rapid Re-engagement with Finance Offers Emails

As an automotive leader, you want to sell cars to as many qualified customers as possible. With our Instant Finance Offers email feature, Modal seamlessly re-engages approved buyers even after they have left the Checkout experience. Modal’s automation enables the lending approval process to work asynchronously from the buyer, and then re-engages the buyer when they know they can complete the checkout flow with all available approved financing options.

smartmockups_kjovedycEasily re-engage approved buyers to close deals faster

Show buyers all their financing options instantly with easy, automated follow-up emails. Seamlessly re-engage your customers to a faster close, even if a lender sends an offer after the buyer leaves the Checkout experience.


Do less, sell more

Modal's newest innovations will programmatically re-engage approved buyers, helping you sell more vehicles with less manual effort and legwork. You're not in automotive for paperwork, you're here to own the showroom floor and Modal helps you achieve your business goals faster.


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Modal provides transparent digital commerce for the world’s leading auto dealers and brands. Its products are designed to act as transparent transaction layer that fits into a merchant’s existing experience. In an industry full of automotive insiders, Modal brings an outsider’s perspective to technology and design, having led efforts at technology companies like Google, Oracle, Facebook, LendingClub and more. Modal’s investors helped start companies like Paypal, Facebook, Tesla, Lyft, SpaceX, and more. For more information, visit modalup.com and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.