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The Most Valuable Insight for Car Dealers in 2018

Car dealers, are you worried that online buying will hurt your bottom line? We ran the numbers. What we discovered was named the Most Valuable Insight at Driving Sales' Presidents Club. The insight may surprise you. 

The Most Valuable Insight competition is designed to reveal and showcase never-before-released data and research unique in the automotive industry. We researched how dealers are optimizing for online digital retailing and ecommerce, and how this increases the sales of finance and insurance (F&I) products.

If you took 100 orders across dealers who were optimizing for ecommerce, they were getting somewhere in the neighborhood of $63,000-$64,000 in pre-selected F&I products on those 100 orders, whereas the dealers who were not optimizing for e-commerce on the same 100 orders were getting around $21,000-$22,000. That's nearly triple the F&I revenue.

The most successful dealerships marketed the fact that ecommerce was an option and  retargeted customers who start buying online but didn’t complete checkout. 

Check out the short video below to hear more. 

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About Author

Matt Weinberg
Matt Weinberg

Matt Weinberg is the SVP of Consumer Experience at Drive Motors. With 20 years of leadership experience in the automotive industry, he has consulted for more than 100 dealer groups on internet sales processes and ecommerce and is a trusted advisor for Wards Auto Top 10 dealer groups, including Lithia, Asbury, and Hendrick.