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Building the future of auto sales

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Drive Motors is now Modal

Today, we’re excited to announce that Drive Motors is now Modal, the transparent digital commerce platform for automotive. Our new name reflects our singular focus on transparent technology and design, and we’re excited to share it with you!

What’s a modal?

In software terms, a modal is an interactive window that appears on top of a software application page, and keeps the underlying page visible to the user. The benefit of a modal window is that it creates focus on the specific interaction while maintaining orientation within the original experience. Common examples of modal design include pop-up boxes, chat windows, shopping cart overlays, and many more.

Modals are one of the most universally employed UI elements in software design, because of their power to combine focus and orientation. Used effectively, a modal design will feel seamless, effortless, and increase conversion compared to other design approaches.

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Why Modal?

In the past three years, we’ve grown our customer base from local dealerships to some of the world’s largest auto retailers and brands. We decided we were ready to establish a distinct and descriptive brand for our global automotive market.

The first decision we made was to steer clear of automotive terms, they were no longer distinct. Thanks to decades of automotive technology companies, common automotive terms are already used by many companies at the same time. We decided to find a non-automotive term, because we wanted to define our own identity based on our unique vision.

And “Modal” literally describes our vision: an easy digital transaction that feels like a natural part of the auto retailer’s own experience. As a matter of fact, Modal online checkout is literally in a modal, within the auto retailer’s own webpage. And this design has been key to our success: over three times the conversion rate of other products, and over $500 more profit per vehicle.


Where to now?

We’re also excited to welcome some new investors: Peter Thiel, Ally Financial, and IDOM. The capital will go towards scaling our commerce platform, and developing new technologies that further transform the automotive transaction. Who knows, we may even transform auto ownership itself. See you down the road! 

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About Author


Modal provides transparent digital commerce for the world’s leading auto dealers and brands. Its products are designed to act as transparent transaction layer that fits into a merchant’s existing experience. In an industry full of automotive insiders, Modal brings an outsider’s perspective to technology and design, having led efforts at technology companies like Google, Oracle, Facebook, LendingClub and more. Modal’s investors helped start companies like Paypal, Facebook, Tesla, Lyft, SpaceX, and more. For more information, visit modalup.com and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.