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Building the future of auto sales

Modal Chat on iPad

Modal Chat is coming soon!

With Modal's upcoming chat feature, car buyers will be able to connect with a professionally-trained agent for live assistance! Our native and intuitive chat, powered by our partnership with ActivEngage, will deliver people-powered support in real-time, increasing customer engagement and helping car buyers complete their online order in Modal Checkout.

Answer customer questions in real-time

Purchase decisions are made in moments. Being able to answer customer questions at any point in their purchase process can become a deal-maker for car shoppers to convert to buyers, on the spot. With Modal Chat, customers can get answers to their questions and assistance throughout the buying process, making it even easier for them to complete their car order online.

Having live chat support conveniently accessible also builds trust and connection to the dealership. Live chat can easily be the fastest channel of online contact on your website, making your ecommerce solution more robust.

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Deliver a better experience with people-powered chat

Live chat opens opportunities for both car buyers and the dealership. A potential lead can simply click the chat box anytime they need assistance, and this opens up a window for the live chat team to support the buying process. 

Modal Checkout's live chat feature is seamlessly integrated throughout the entire online buying process, and equips professionally-trained consumer engagement experts with valuable information from the car buyer's digital footprint on Checkout, empowering them to assist and convert customers more effectively.

From in the showroom to at home, Modal simplifies the complex car buying process, helping you sell more cars and deliver an elevated customer experience.  Sign up to get early access and be the first in line when Modal Chat becomes available!

Get early access

Plus, we're thrilled to share even more enhancements we've been making to better support dealerships and help you achieve your business objectives faster. While waiting for Modal Chat to be fully launched, we are thrilled to present even more enhancements!


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Car shopper surveys are now available!

Understanding customer feedback helps you deliver more value. Let car shoppers rate their online buying experience with Modal's Exit Survey and uncover opportunities from customer ratings.

Discover how shoppers feel about your online shopping and buying experience, and measure your net promoter score or customer satisfaction rating, seamlessly within Modal Checkout. Customize when the exit survey appears to your dealership's needs.


More precise payment calculations

Modal's payment calculator is now powered by MarketScan, making payments even more precise. Calculations include more accurate local taxes and current lender rates, VIN-specific incentives, and guidelines for additional credit tiers.


smartmockups_kuheucn5 croppedStreamlined data and analytics

More robust analytics and reporting capabilities are coming your way with new enhancements on Modal Desk. Streamlining data and analytics aims to give dealers up-to-the-minute visibility of sales performance.  Dealerships will be able to see shopper trends over time to gain better insights on car buyer behavior during the checkout process. This reporting capability can help sales and operations leaders create data-driven business decisions, especially when formulating new strategies or improving existing processes.


Dynamic F&I product integrations

Modal now partners with JM&A to dynamically show Finance and Insurance (F&I) products within the online checkout experience. This integration empowers customers with more choices during the checkout process, keeping them informed on what valuable add-ons can be included in their purchase.  In addition, this can also help increase F&I profits effortlessly by making these options readily accessible through Modal Checkout.

Questions? Reach out to our team of consumer experience experts to learn more!

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Modal provides transparent digital commerce for the world’s leading auto dealers and brands. Its products are designed to act as transparent transaction layer that fits into a merchant’s existing experience. In an industry full of automotive insiders, Modal brings an outsider’s perspective to technology and design, having led efforts at technology companies like Google, Oracle, Facebook, LendingClub and more. Modal’s investors helped start companies like Paypal, Facebook, Tesla, Lyft, SpaceX, and more. For more information, visit modalup.com and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.