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VP of Marketing Brandee Sanders Appears on Leadership Panel at Reuters Automotive Retail 2021

We're thrilled to announce that Brandee Sanders, our Vice President of Marketing, spoke at Reuters Automotive Retail 2021. She joined fellow industry thought leaders as a panelist for “The Seamless Customer Journey” live webinar on March 11.

"As the automotive retail and e-commerce world is increasingly transacted through digital products, it is becoming an absolute priority for leaders to be able to make data-informed decisions and move quickly to meet ever-shifting shopper and inventory demands, in order to have a true holistic view of their consumers."
- Brandee Sanders, VP of Marketing at Modal

During the live webinar, OEMs and Dealers shared how they are creating a 360-degree view of the customer to deliver the most connected experience both online and offline, from shop and explore to service. The panel hosted leading industry marketers to share how they are developing new models and adjusting to the customer of 2021 and beyond. Unsurprisingly, 2021 is the year where OEMs and Dealers focus on developing a world-class digital experience. Statistically, it has been proven that a customer’s experience will impact their loyalty, spend, and sentiment towards a brand, and automotive is ramping up efforts to take on the ‘Amazon’ effect. 

“With Modal's simple implementation and robust data insights, we are poised to transform the way thousands of dealerships and brands sell their cars, so I am thrilled to join Reuters Automotive Retail Summit to speak about at this pivotal time in the industry's development and share how organizations can prioritize their customer journey to create a seamless, transparent, fully end-to-end buying experience for their consumers."
- Brandee Sanders, VP of Marketing at Modal

Speakers included:

  • Brandee Sanders, Vice President of Marketing, Modal

  • Robert Skinner, Lead Technology Strategist, FordDirect

  • Andrew Pine, Global Director, Excite - CX, Porsche Cars North America

  • David Green, Chief Technology Officer, Lynk & Co

  • Moderator: Roger Lanctot, Director Automotive Connected Mobility, Strategy Analytics

To receive the on-demand recording of The Seamless Customer Journey webinar, sign up here.

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