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3 Secrets to Earning Lifetime Loyalty

What does it take to earn loyalty for life? Chances are your customers know, but aren't telling you. Luckily, we've got the inside scoop. Here are 3 secrets to building loyalty and earning customers for life.

The automotive industry is facing dramatic changes on all sides. You need a strategy that protects your business from market forces. Most dealers are great at bringing new customers into the showroom. But the best way to protect your dealership from changes in the market is to retain your current customers.

Strike a balance between acquiring new customers and developing stronger relationships with current customers. It costs over 6 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain one. Loyal customers will support your business - through the good times and the bad.

Secret #1: Loyalty is Built in the Service Bay, Not the Showroom

It may seem counter-intuitive, but loyalty is truly built by your service department. A customer who has serviced with you but never bought a car from you is more likely to buy a car from your dealership than someone who has already bought from you but has never serviced with you.

Secret #2: If A Customer Leaves, They're Taking Their Friends With Them

A dissatisfied customer will tell 10-20 other people about their bad experience. In today's digital world, one poor customer experience could lead to a negative review online, costing you hundreds, or even thousands, of potential customers.

Secret #3: It's Not About the Money

Customers care more about the experience than the price. Nearly 9 in 10 customers are more likely to buy from dealerships that offer the option to order online. Customers want the convenience of ordering their next car online, saving them time at the dealership and freeing their busy schedules.

Your New Game Plan

Focusing on building customer loyalty will increase profitability and help you earn new customers through word of mouth.

3 Secrets to Lifetime Loyalty Ebook Cover with Title 600w.pngIn today's changing market, you need a new game plan for earning lifetime loyalty. Download your free ebook, "3 Secrets to Lifetime Loyalty," to learn what you can do today.

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3 Secrets to Lifetime Loyalty  

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Matt Weinberg
Matt Weinberg

Matt Weinberg is the SVP of Consumer Experience at Drive Motors. With 20 years of leadership experience in the automotive industry, he has consulted for more than 100 dealer groups on internet sales processes and ecommerce and is a trusted advisor for Wards Auto Top 10 dealer groups, including Lithia, Asbury, and Hendrick.